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Friday, May 22, 2015
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Hello I'm so very excited to share with you our first ever guest blog post.  Introducing...

Mrs. Lara Engh, mother of two beautiful lil peanuts I've been able to photograph since they were a sparkle in mom and dad's eyes.  xoxo 

Hello. Lara here, I'm happily married with two amazing little ones.

My son, Asher, who will soon be one and my daughter Isla who is a big three year old already.

Here is me, my husband Jason and our lovely lil ones.  Only two missing are the dogs.  

My husband, Jason, and I both work full time outside of the home. Our days are very typical of a young family, and very busy. Most week nights, we have 2-3 hours with our kids after work, which includes getting dinner on the table, bath time, play time and bed time routines. I cherish these few hours I get with my kiddos, especially because I don't even get them every night. There are some evenings that work keeps me away until after bed time and I miss out on it completely.

With my position, it'd be very easy to continue to work once I get home, however, we've implemented a no work policy until after the kids are in bed for both my husband and I. Without it, one of us would end up working, I'm sure. Turning everything off has really allowed us to focus on family during that time. Not only does that make for happier kids, but happier parents too. We get to laugh and play, and really enjoy this moment in our lives. Plus, it keeps our daughter off the iPad and away from the TV as well, which I think is just as important. 

On nights that work takes me away from my little ones, they are still always in my mind. It especially helps when I can show off their amazing pictures of them to other people.  

- Lara Engh


Thanks so much for the wonderful post Lara!  If you or someone you know are interested in a family share or even mom tips in a guest post let me know!  Send me an email to brooke{at} 

All images were created and copyright of Brooke Ringdahl Photography. 

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