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Thursday, May 07, 2015
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Hello friends.  Happy Thursday.  Can you believe we are already to the end of the first week of May?  I want to know what the magic is to make time slow down.  You know how people are always telling you to slow down and enjoy.  That's great and all but can someone tell me how?  Please?  

This is exactly why I'm introducing guest bloggers.  Not to save me time because I'm a pretty fast writer and have a lot to say so it's not that.  It's because I want to hear what YOU have to say.  I want to know what makes other mom's happy or what event they had that week or how one mom can make being a working mom seem so easy and how another stay at home mom can be so fabulous.  

So this brings me to you, friends.  Do you know someone that would be perfect for this guest post?  Do you know someone that has a fabulous story to share?  Please have them email me at with your ideas.  I can't wait to start reading them all!  

And because no post is ever complete without an image I bring to you my family session I did all by myself with my fancy new clicker.  It's a game changer really!  I absolutely hate being photographed because the woman I know is never the woman I see but I chose to do it for my daughter and my family.  How I feel about myself and how I look should never hurt their memories of all our happy times together.  


All images are created and copyright of Brooke Ringdahl Photography.  Please contact Brooke at brooke(at) for questions. 

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Brooke Ringdahl - Thanks a million Danielle! I hope to see you do the same.
Danielle - Good for you getting in the photos! They look amazing. I LOVE that tree!